Chris and Inga’s American Road Trip | Day 4 | Camping With Wild Horses in Wyoming

Echo Reservoir in Utah

We made a quick pit stop at Echo Reservoir in Utah. It was just off of Interstate 80 east.

Evanston, Wyoming

Our second stop of day 4 was in Evanston, Wyoming. We had a nice walk in the park and took some photos by the Bison statue.

On Wild Horse Canyon Road

A short walk away from Wild Horse canyon Road is an overlook of Green River, Wyoming.

Inga and Wild Horses

Inga kept her distance, but she wanted to get just a little bit of a better look at a few of the wild horses.

Wyoming Asilinae

An Asilinae at our camp. I had to use Google lens to figure out what he was called. Luckily we had a slight cell phone signal up on the mountain.

Sunset in Green River

A couple of photos of the sunset from our camp in Green River, WY.

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