Chris and Inga Visit Hagg Lake

Purple Orchid at Hagg Lake

Inga and I were hiking along the trail that runs next to Henry Hagg Lake, and I spotted this tiny purple orchid on the ground. There were a few more around the area, but not many. What a cool looking flower.

Inga @ Hagg lake

Although we had driven around Hagg Lake recently, we never stopped to investigate until yesterday. The water was looking clean, and the hiking trails were in good shape. We are pretty fortunate to have Hagg lake so close to home. There is a ton of stuff to check out there.

Henry Hagg Lake | Oregon

I put a watermark-free version of this photo of Hagg Lake in our shop so that it is available for digital download for only $.50. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Was Bigfoot Here?

I asked Inga to stand next to this broken-in-half tree. I am pretty sure that this is evidence of a Bigfoot in the area. Well, according to some of the some of the shows that we have seen online anyway. What do you think?

Inga Hunting for Paddleboarding Spots

We found a few spots that looked good for Inga to put her paddleboard in the water. We didn’t have the paddleboard with us this time, but we will be back there in the near future.

Hagg Lake | April 2021

At all of the places around the lake that we stopped, they always had plenty of life jackets available if you did not have one. That was a nice touch.

Hiking at Hagg Lake

The hiking trails go all around the lake. That is a good amount of miles, which will be great for running and hiking this summer. I’ll embed a google map below for those of you that want to go find Henry Hagg lake. Take care.

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