Chris and Inga’s 5 Photos a Day | 3-1-21

Just above Dry Creek Trailhead on Bogus Basin rd

Pulled over to snap a few photos of the always winding Bogus Basin rd. This isn’t too far up into the foothills. We are just above the Dry Creek trailhead here.

Continuing up to Bogus Basin

As we continued up the mountain the snow got a little deeper. The road was mostly dry, but up near the top where the ski lodge is was pretty icy, wet, and slushy.

Inga Gazing at all of the Snow

Here we are just a few miles from the lodge at Bogus Basin. Inga take a few minutes to gaze at all of the snow.

Looking out Over the Foothills

A nice shot looking out over the Boise foothills. Winter is still in full effect as the foothills are still mostly covered in white.

Taco Salad For Dinner

After a long day we needed a meal that would hit the spot. Underneath all of the guacamole, jalapenos, tomatoes, and lettuce is bed of rice and beans. I used a little bit of Inga’s homemade ranch sauce on top as well. Tasty and healthy!

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