Chris and Inga’s Daily 5 Photos | 3-15-21

Selfie in the Apartment

With only ten days left before we head west to Oregon, we are trying to enjoy the warm weather, and the city of Boise before we leave. There has been a severe lack of recipe videos, and blogs on our website recently due to not having a working kitchen. The range in our apartment starting getting hot to the touch and smoking on the morning of February 12th. We woke up to the smell of smoke. After numerous times contacting Riverside Property Management, we are still without a way to cook and they can care less. That’s exactly why we are leaving this dump.

Ring-Billed Gull in Boise

I was able to capture a decent shot of this Ring-Billed Gull, which was hanging out by the water. With the weather finally getting warmer, it should be easier to get out into nature, and take a lot more photographs.

Red Truck @ Ann Morrison Park

I only wanted to capture the red tones in this image. Our truck is actually orange and not red, but here it looks the opposite.

Inga’s Buffalo Bomber

This was the Buffalo Bomber from Veggie Grill that Inga had recently. This is one the best values on their menu in my opinion. I failed to capture the Mac n Cheez on the side.

The Banana Candle

This is a soy candle that Inga’s daughter bought for us. I am trying to get rid of the half-way burnt candles before we move to Oregon for the Summer.

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