Chris and Inga’s Move to Oregon

Headed to Oregon

We have been quiet on our website for a couple of days. That’s because we packed up and moved from Boise, Idaho, to Forest Grove, Oregon. Forest Grove is located west of Portland. We were fully packed, but we left plenty of room for the cat in the backseat.

Crossing Over Into Oregon

Inga wanted to take all of the pictures on our drive to Oregon using her new Samsung phone. For the price of the phone, I thought the photos were pretty good.

Vegan Honey Duck from Mai Thai in Boise

Before we left Boise, we had dinner delivered from Mai Thai, which is a great restaurant downtown, and they have an amazing Vegan menu. This is the Vegan Honey Duck. We will have a full review, and plenty more pics in the next couple of days as we continue to get settled into our new home.

Looking in the Mirror

The first leg of our road trip took us from Boise, Id, to Pendleton, Or. We did not want to pack the trailer, and do the 8-hour drive on the same day. That’s why we stopped halfway in Pendleton to break up the trip.

A Look in Our Motel Room

Here is a look into our hotel room in Pendleton. The Motel 6 had surprisingly good reviews, and the price was under $50 total for the night. The room was clean, and we appreciate the fact that they are pet-friendly. This photo, and the photo of the Vegan Honey Duck were done with my phone, not Inga’s Samsung A51.

Java Monster | Farmer’s Oats

Inga found this Java Monster Farmer’s Oats Coffee, made with oatmilk. It was not our favorite, but it worked. We also enjoyed the Vegan humor on the side of the can as well.

Day Two Begins

We hit the road from Pendleton, and headed towards Portland. The cat was not pleased with being behind the mesh screen, so we opened it up for her. Click here to see the cat’s travel-pack. Even if you aren’t shopping for a cat backpack, and are just doing your own shopping, clicking the Amazon links throughout our site doesn’t cost you anything extra, and Amazon throws us some loose change, which helps keep the website up and running.

Arlington, Oregon

The view of Mt. Hood from Arlington, Oregon. The view of Mt. Hood was so clear that day that Inga was able to capture some great photographs.

Mt. Hood From I-84 West

One more image of Mt. Hood, before we move on. The clouds cooperated, and moved out the way so that Inga could get a clearer shot.

View of Stonehenge

Looking across the Columbia River Gorge towards Stonehenge in Washington. Although we normally enjoy stopping here, we decided to pass because the cat was with us.

Flat Tire to end the Trip

After I parked the Tacoma, I hopped out and heard a loud hissing noise. I immediately knew it was coming from one of the tires. I found this tire on our U-Haul trailer with a severe gash in it. It was flat about 30 seconds later. I am just glad it happened after we arrived and not while we were on the road. We were able to get the tire replaced before taking the trailer back to U-Haul. More content to come soon. Stay safe everyone!

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