Chris and Inga’s Weekly Food Finds | 4-6-21

Coconut Bliss | Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Yves | Veggie Chick’n Nuggets

We found these Yves veggie chick’n nuggets at the grocery outlet for only $1.99. We ended up baking these in the oven, which worked great. As far as plant-based chick’n nuggets go, these were better in taste, and texture than most of the big brands. If you get a chance, try these out from Yves.

Back to Nature | Cheddalicious Cheese Flavored Crackers

If you enjoy Cheez-Its, but need a dairy-free version, these are for you. If you have had the cheddar-flavored crackers from Earth Balance, then you know what the standard is for a good Vegan cheddar cracker. These crackers by Back to Nature were delicious, and right up there with the earth balance crackers.

Pizza Oggi | Plant-Based Americana Pizza

This plant-based Americana pizza from Pizza Oggi is slightly more expensive than the Vegan pizza we normally get for Friday night, but I decided to try it out. It has beyond meat crumbles on it, and some veggies. The crumbles didn’t taste like they fit the dish. They didn’t taste like Italian sausage, but rather ground hamburger. I didn’t mind the gluten-free cauliflower crust. Overall, the pizza tasted good, but I would stick to my regular one over this one.

Liberty Orchards | Aplets & Cotlets

Aplets and Cotlets will have gelatin in them in some cases, so it is not always easy to find these in a Vegan friendly version. These Aplets & Cotlets from Liberty Orchards are indeed Vegan. Inga didn’t care for them, but she hates nuts in sweets or desserts. I, on the other hand, enjoyed these aplets and cotlets quite a bit. If you want a sweet treat that has the texture of a candy orange slice with some walnuts mixed it, you should try these out.

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