ConairMAN Ear/Nose Hair Trimmer Review

Here’s What You Get

This is the ConairMAN Ear/Nose Hair Trimmer. The price on this item is in the $20 range. As shown here, it comes with a carrying case, and two detachable heads. One head for nose or ear hair trimming, and the other for facial hair. It’s compact and lightweight, which is a huge plus for me.

Unique 360-Degree Blade System

I decided to go with the ConairMAN based on the amount of good reviews. It was a little higher in price, but I figured it would be worth it. The unit runs on one AA battery. Although it’s not rechargeable, you can still put rechargeable AA’s in it. After using this for over a month now, I can safely say that it is worth the $20.

Testing it Out

The ear/nose hair trimmer with unique 360-degree blade system is outstanding. It comfortably cuts through the hair without tugging or pulling at all. The facial hair trimming head is decent, but It struggles to get through my thick hair at times. Since that wasn’t the main reason why I bought it, I am okay with that. I’ll put some comparable men’s nose/ear hair trimmers in the amazon window below. Clicking on our amazon ads, even to do your own unrelated shopping, is a big help with keeping our website up and running. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, and amazon will send us a few cents. We appreciate all the support!

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