Daily Exercise Log | 1/25/21

We wanted to start logging our daily workouts on the website. We use Strava as well. I have linked the three maps from today’s workouts. Really the first two should be combined into one walk, but it ended up getting split up.

Inga was with me for the two and a half miles of walking to warm up. She has been running short distances with me over the past three weeks. Today on our walk, I actually made her run around .4 miles. Sometimes I secretly push her a little harder and further than she thinks.

Back on 2/24/20 was the last time that I ran any respectable distance. I tore my mcl that day while out running. Somehow ran back on it as well. Now after nearly a year of not running, I ran over a mile today. The knee felt good. I have come back injuries prematurely before, and it has cost me. I didn’t want the same thing to happen this time.

Overall we had a good walk on the greenbelt today. It was very cold out there, but it was worth it. I’ll get some actual pictures of where we go tomorrow. Take care everyone!

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