Daily Photos 2-5-21

Whitewater Park 1

One of the photos I was able to take while I was out running at Whitewater Park in Boise.

Whitewater Park 2

Whitewater Park in Boise. A photo from another part of the park. This part is closer to the greenbelt.

Moving Banana’s Bed

Our first time helping someone move something big with the new truck. It’s nice to be able to help in these situations. This was a king sized bed that we had to move from Nampa to Meridian.

Hazzjaminican Tofu

Hazzjaminican Tofu that I prepared for us in the air fryer. Has a dry rub applied to it before going into the air fryer. Works great for wraps, salads, and more!

Lounge Life

The cat has taken over Inga’s desk chair. It’s her new favorite spot to lounge around all day.

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