Chris and Inga’s Weekly Food Finds | 4-12-21

Pizza Oggi | Plant-Based Siciliana

In last week’s weekly food-finds post, we included the Americana from Pizza Oggi. This week we have the Siciliana style Vegan pizza. This pizza has beyond meat sausage crumbles, and Vegan cheese. In my opinion, the Siciliana style pizza was much better. There is a lot of sausage on this pizza, so if that is not what you are wanting, then you may be better off finding another one. The crust, sauce, and toppings were all good. This was a good find at the Grocery Outlet for us.

Simply Asia | Roasted Peanut Noodle Bowl

We picked up a couple of these Simply Asia | Roasted Peanut Noodle Bowls, hoping that they would work as a fast meal we needed one. The cook time on these bowls is indeed quick at 3 minutes, but are they tasty? Inga and I both agreed that the bowls were good, but probably not something that we would buy often. I think they needed a bit more kick in the peanut sauce.

Tribe | Black bean Hummus

We have seen the Tribe brand hummus in the store previously, but we have never purchased any. We found this Tribe Black Bean Hummus on quick sale because it was expiring within a few days. One of the things I used it for was to make a wrap using a veggie burger patty, miyoko’s Vegan pepper jack, and some avocado. The hummus was solid. No complaints there. I would probably buy it again.

Strong Roots | Kale and Quinoa Burger

This is the same veggie burger patty as the previous picture, but I used it a little differently here. We have now bought several different boxes of Strong Roots Veggie Burgers. I think these things are great cooked in the air-fryer. You can use these in just about anything. They are delicious and versatile. These are also a great choice when you don’t want a “meaty” veggie burger, like a beyond meat burger.

So Delicious | Cheddar Style Slices

There isn’t much you can’t do with these Cheddar slices from So Delicious. We have been using the bbq more lately and these slices work well on whatever type of plant-based burger you are cooking. These are also soy, and gluten-free. I will say that there are some brands of Vegan cheese that are inedible right out of the fridge, but these one by So Delicious are good cold or hot. Use them with some crackers, or melt them in a quesadilla.

Myoko’s Creamery | Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese

I figured we would throw in the Miyoko’s Vegan Pepper Jack cheese into this week’s food-finds post. These, and the So Delicious slices were from the Grocery Outlet for under $1.50 because at the time they were expiring soon. I was able to put them to good use before they expired. This pepper jack by Miyoko’s is super creamy. It went well in my veggie burger wrap.

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