Take Out Review | Mai Thai Restaurant | Boise, Id

Papaya Salad to Start

On our last night in Boise, before we were about to pack up and move, we decided we should treat ourselves to a big dinner from Mai Thai in Boise. Mai Thai is one of our favorite restaurants in Boise because of their extensive Vegan menu. They do serve animal products in the restaurant, but the Vegan menu is clearly marked. We started out with the Papaya Salad, and ended with the Vegan Honey Duck. Keep scrolling to see all of the great food.

Green papaya, heirloom tomato, green beans, peanuts, lime juice, Thai chili served with sticky rice.

Veggie Fried Rice

Inga’s Vegan Honey Duck came with this veggie fried rice. It was loaded with lots of big vegetables, and cooked to perfection. We both liked it a lot.

Fried rice, and seasonal vegetables.

Imperial Rolls

The Imperial Rolls from Mai Thai are amazing. The sweet chili sauce that they come with really gives them a great burst of flavor. Also, the noodles that it came with were really tasty.

Crispy fried vegan spring roll served with sweet chili sauce.

Tsukemono Moriawase

The Tsukemono Moriawase was on the starter menu. If you are a fan of pickled vegetables, then this is for you. I really enjoyed it. The pickled veggies had a nice crunch to them, and the pickle was done just right.

House made assorted pickles, Japanese eggplant, yama gobo, cucumber, konbu.

Steamed Pot Stickers

The pot stickers are something that we have tried before, and liked so much that we wanted to have them again before we left Boise. They come with a great sauce and some pickled vegetables.

Mushroom, tofu, eggplant, sweet pepper, garlic, ginger, yellow curry, soy sauce, lime, cilantro.

Vegan Honey Duck

The Vegan Honey Duck comes with kailan, and bok choy. You can even see the dots on the outside to imitate the skin of the duck where the feathers have been plucked. Maybe they use a mold to make it? Either way, it was something to behold. It’s loaded with garlic, which was totally okay with us. The sauce compliments the dish well. You can pull the “meat” apart and look closely at the texture inside. Inga had me taste it at one point because she wasn’t sure that it wasn’t real duck. They do a great job making this dish. It is definitely worth trying if you make it to Mai Thai in the future.

Vegan mock duck, kailan, bok choi.

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