No Evil Foods | Pit Boss Pulled ‘Pork’ Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Inga and I pulled this product out of the frozen foods section at a nearby store. Neither of us had tried any products from No Evil Foods prior to this one, although we had seen them while shopping.

Make sure to thaw this out the night before you plan to eat it. We heated the pulled ‘pork’ up on the stovetop as you can see in the slideshow above. It only took a few minutes in total to heat up and be ready to eat. This would be great for a night where there is little time to cook.

As far as the flavor and the texture of the product, we both really enjoyed it. It is a seitan based food. The texture however is nice and meaty. The sauce has a bold kick to it that you should expect from a BBQ pulled ‘pork’ sandwich.

This product does contain soy and wheat for those of you reading this that watch out for those ingredients. The package states that you get 3.5 servings. It is 10 ounces in weight. Inga and I were able to make 4 small sandwiches with it. Would be a different story if we had used bigger buns.

We ended up rating this product 4.5 stars our of 5. The only downside is that it can be expensive. We have seen these sell for up to $8.99. While that combined with the other elements of the sandwich is still much cheaper than going out to eat, it is still not something that is readily affordable for the average family in this country each night at dinner time. Hopefully as Plant Based Meats become more popular they will begin to drop in price.

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