Top 5 Weekly Food Finds | 1-27-21

Number 1: SorBabes Raz’nBerry

SorBabes Raz’nBerry. This brand has some very good plant based frozen treats. We tried this flavor last night and loved it. Very fruity and the chocolate chips in it were good as well. We found this and several other flavors for $1.49 a pint at Grocery Outlet. This one was only 2 grams of fat per serving.

Number 2: Kraut Krisps Crunchy Cabbage Chips

Kraut Krisps: Crunchy Cabbage Chips. These small bags of cabbage chips were being sold for 8 for $1.00. I grabbed a couple bags to try for the website. After buying these I also located another flavor of these chips. Reviews coming soon!

Number 3: MIA Dark Chocolate Bar

MIA Dark Chocolate Bar: Coconut. We found this chocolate bar for $1.99. I remember years ago when finding Vegan chocolate was not only a challenge, but when you found it there was a good chance that it wasn’t very good tasting. A lot has changed over the years for the good in that sense. We will let everyone know how this one tastes soon.

Number 4: Modern Table Vegan Mac

Modern Table Vegan Mac: White Cheddar Style. We bought this at Whole Foods on sale for $2.50. Looking forward to trying it, but I am not sure what to make to go along with it. If you have ideas feel free to post them in the comments section below.

Number 5: Vegan Rob’s Brussels Sprout Puffs

These are not new to us. We have found and bought these before. Not lately though. Vegan Rob’s products for as good as they are can be hard to find at times where we live. We found a few bags at Fred Meyer’s for $2.50. So far all of the different puffs from Vegan Rob’s have been amazing. If you see them, we suggest that you try them. Take care everyone!

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