Chris and Inga’s Weekly Food Finds | 3-20-21

Road’s End Organics | Vegan Golden Quick Gravy

———– Front ———–

We bought this packet of Road’s End Organics Vegan Quick Gravy a while back in Portland at the Vegan Mall. We went through the cupboards while packing up and decided we should try it out on some potatoes. We both really enjoyed it. It’s also gluten-free if you are looking for a good gluten-free gravy to use.

Rubicon Bakery | Vegan Neapolitan Cupcakes

———– Front ———–

Rubicon Bakery is not all a Vegan bakery. The items that they do offer, which are Vegan friendly, are very good. I wanted to cut this one in half so everyone can see what’s waiting on the inside

Pure Farmland | Plant-Based Meatballs

———– Front ———–

Inga likes these Pure farmland plant-based meatballs over the Gardein ones. I would say that these Pure Farmland ones do much better in air-fryer. We normally air-fry them and add them to the sauce after they have gotten slightly crispy.

Califia Farms | European Style Plant Butter

———– Front ———–

We used this Califia Farms European-style plant-based butter on our St. Patty’s Day potatoes, and it was surprisingly good. It has a slightly different texture to it than some of the other plant-based butters on the market. Overall, it melted really well, and tasted great. This was another grocery outlet find for only $.99.

Perky Jerky | Plant-Based Jerky

———– Front ———–

We have tried the Perky Jerky plant-based jerky previously. That was the salt-and-pepper flavor. This one is teriyaki flavor. Tasted great. My only complaint is that $6.00 doesn’t get me more than a small handful.

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