Chris and Inga at the Wilson River

Grubes, the Oregon Ground Squirrel

We’ll start off today’s post with Grubes, the Oregon Ground Squirrel. Grubes also made an appearance in yesterday’s daily photo post. It’s always nice when the local animals cooperate with you, and let you take a picture. Grubes is a local legend around Rockaway Beach.

A stop on the way home from the beach

On the way home from Rockaway Beach, we pulled off of highway 6 onto a dirt road and followed it along the Wilson River. Eventually, we came to a clearing, which was parking for a trailhead. The trailhead was closed, unfortunately for us.

Me and Inga at the Wilson River

The place that we stopped had overnight camping, and day-use areas just a short distance from the main trailhead. It’s not a trail that either of us have done, so we are looking forward to coming back and hiking it in the near future.

The Mighty Wilson River

It’s been several years since I have seen the Wilson River with my own eyes. I am glad to have such a nice river to visit, which is also not that far from where we are staying.

Trail, This Way

Although the main trailhead was closed, we found a smaller trail that stayed close to the river, and led to different tent camping spots along the way.

Catching Some Rays at the River

We will have a lot more information on the area we visited, and plenty of photos in future posts. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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