Chris and Inga’s Daily Photos | 4-2-21

Barview Jetty Park | Garibaldi, Or

Panoramic shot From Barview Jetty Park in Garibaldi, Or. Garibaldi is a small town at the north end of Tillamook Bay. Inga had never been here, so I wanted to stop and let her see the view.

Inga at Barview Jetty Park

Inga trying to see if she can find any sea creatures in the pool of salt water.

Rockaway Beach | Oregon Coast

We made it to Rockaway Beach. The sun was out, and the wind was nice and calm. We picked a great day to drive out to Rockaway Beach.

Me and Inga at Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast

The beach was not very busy when we arrived. The parking lot was nearly full, but the people were all spread out on the beach. Here, we can see that Inga has the first aid kit ready to go, incase one of us gets bit by the aggressive, wild ground squirrels that live in the rocks on the beach.

Ground Squirrel at the Oregon Coast

Here is one of the ground squirrels that I just mentioned. I was kidding about the biting. This guy let me snap a bunch of pictures of him. I think he was just hoping that I would drop some food on the ground.

Yakisoba Noodles and Veggies

Right outside of the main parking lot to Rockaway Beach was a food cart called Tropics Island Grill. We walked over to see if they had any Vegan options for lunch. They actually had several options, including a Vegan burger. We both ended up getting the Yakisoba noodles and veggies. Good food and the price was good as well.

Lunch Break in the Truck

This picture makes it hard to tell, but Inga and I can both sit up straight in the back of the Tacoma, and not even touch our heads on the roof. It’s great to be able to park wherever you want, and eat lunch.

Twin Rocks | Rockaway Beach, Or

A photo of the Twin Rocks at Rockaway Beach. This is before I ran the photo through Adobe Lightroom to remove the people, and dog.

Twin Rocks | Rockaway Beach, Or 2

Here we have removed the little girl, but the family in the lower left-hand corner is still there. We will remove them next.

Twin Rocks | Rockaway Beach, Or 3

After a little bit of cropping, and using the healing brush, we have removed the family from the photo.

Inga Standing on a Bridge

On our way back from the coast, we stopped at a few places off of highway 6. This was in the Tillamook state forest. We were scouting for hiking trails, and camping spots for the season to come. We definitely found some good ones. More photos to come tomorrow. Enjoy your Friday!

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