Chris and Inga’s Weekly Food Finds | 3-31-21

Biotta | Heirloom Purple Carrot Juice

———– Front ———–

I don’t know if I will ever get Inga to try this Biotta heirloom purple carrot juice, but I enjoy it quite a bit. When I found this on sale for $1.29 a bottle, I bought over a dozen bottles. Even though at the time I hadn’t tried it yet, I knew I would like it.

Amy’s | Thai Red Curry

———– Front ———–

Amy’s Thai Red Curry could ideally come with some more rice, but other than that, it was great. Red curry is not super easy to find as a Vegan because it normally has shrimp in it. Amy’s did a great job with making their Thai Red Curry plant-based.

Minute Mushrooms

———– Front ———–

I ended up putting these Minute Mushrooms in some veggie ramen. The box says that these “taste like sauteed portabella mushrooms”. The minute mushrooms reminded me of the mushroom pieces that come in canned cream of mushroom soup, except these pieces were bigger. It ended up working well in my ramen, but if you want sauteed mushrooms, saute them yourself.

Loma Linda | Lemon Pepper Tuno

———– Front ———–

I was not a fan of this Loma Linda Lemon Pepper Tuno. It was not terrible, but I am not much of a tuna fan to begin with. Of course, I did not get Inga to try this at all. I think that if you like the flavor or texture of tuna on your salad, sandwich, or anything else, you should try this. I have seen Loma Linda products at many stores, including Walmart, and Winco. I have also seen them on Amazon as well.

Pastabilities | Vegan Mac’N Cheese

———– Front ———–

We snagged this box of Pastabilities Vegan and Organic Mac’N Cheese from Whole Foods. It was on sale for $4.25, but it is a larger box than other similar products, such as Amy’s Vegan Mac. Overall, we both liked the flavor of it. The cheesy sauce was very much like what you would expect from a boxed mac and cheese. The pasta ruffles worked well. We both ate a very large serving, and we still had some left over, so you get a good amount for your money.

PF Chang’s | Kung Pao Cauliflower

———– Front ———–

We baked the package of PF Chang’s Kung Pao Cauliflower in the oven. I also steamed up some rice and asparagus to go with it. I was pretty similar to the kung pao cauliflower from Trader Joe’s. It was pretty tasty, but if you want to save some money, go buy the version from Trader Joe’s.

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