HSU Aluminum Bike Mount For GoPro Action Cameras – Review

HSU Aluminum Bike Mount For GoPro Cameras

This HSU Aluminum Mount is the second camera mount I have bought from HSU and so far they have both been great. They are high quality and affordable. This mount also comes in different colors. I purchased this mount on Amazon for around $15.00. It was easy to install and could fit on many different types of bikes. The 360 degree swivel allows for additional versatility.

What Comes In The Box?

Along with the camera mount itself, you will also get the tools required to install the mount on your bike. This includes a hex key for tightening the mount to the handlebars, and a special tool for tightening the thumbscrew. It also came with a wrist strap, but I never ended up using it. I will post a couple of videos below these photos that I shot with my GoPro mounted on my handlebars.

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