Chris and Inga Visit Jordan Valley

Inga the Cavewoman

A photo of Inga standing at a random cave entrance in Jordan Valley, Oregon. If you have never visited Jordan Valley in Oregon, you definitely should. Today, we are showing some of my favorite photos that I have taken out in Jordan Valley.

Rocky Spires in Jordan Valley

Juniper trees, sagebrush, and rocky spires. Jordan Valley has great hiking trails throughout the area. We were lucky enough to hike 3 different trails.

Colorful Cliffs

All the photos from today were taken with my little Sony point-and-shoot camera. Bring you good cameras if you are heading out this way. It will be worth it.

Inga Canyon Hiking

We created a Youtube video to show where we went hiking on this trip. I will make sure the video is available to play below the images at the bottom of the post. Hit the subscribe button if you enjoy the video!

Mini Inga Riding in my Hair

Although it looks like a miniature version of Inga is riding in curly hair, it is just her doing a good job of photo-bombing my selfie.

Stunning Views on the Trail

Shade may be in short supply on some of the hikes in Jordan Valley, Or, but there is no shortage of amazing views. The photo opportunities are endless.

Runaway Blonde

Inga doing some running on the trail. Spring really is a great time of year to visit Jordan Valley. It’s greener this time of year and you won’t get beat down by the sun nearly as badly.

More Amazing Rock Formations

Some of the rock formations are quite impressive. This one looks like a old, worn-down castle, with it’s turret sticking out from the side.

Bloody Crags in the Hills

My Sony point-and-shoot has pretty good optical zoom, which allowed me to get some great shots of certain rock formations at a distance.

Inga Taking in the View

I have to imagine that the saturate filter below on the right will make these colorful rock formations look even better. Try it out.

The Dripping Fortress of Jordan Valley

The Dripping Fortress of Jordan Valley, standing tall above us near our hiking trail. What a sight. We are already looking forward to going back there soon.

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