Vegan Grub Guide | Carlos’n Charlie’s | Las Vegas

Carlos’n Charlie’s | Tacos Y Margaritas | Las Vegas

We had heard that there might be a Vegan option or two at Carlos’n Charlie’s, which is located on the strip inside the Flamingo. As it turned out, they had several delicious Vegan dishes, and knowledgeable staff if we had any questions. Click Here to look at the current menu for Carlos’n Charlie’s. We’ll put a google map to Carlos’n Charlie’s at the bottom of the page for anyone who wants directions to to restaurant. Now onto the food!

Portobello Mushroom Wet Burrito

The Portobello Mushroom Wet Burrito was my favorite dish from Carlos’n Charlie’s. The portion size was great, and the rice and beans it came with were perfect. The green sauce, which seemed to be the default sauce for the Vegan friendly menu items, had a good kick to it. The pickled onions on top of the burrito were amazing as well.

Vegan Friendly Burrito Bowl

The Vegan friendly Burrito Bowl is served with pinto beans and Mexican rice. On top of the rice and beans is quite an array of fresh veggies. You can also add guacamole to this dish. Overall, a great dish for someone who doesn’t want anything too oily or heavy.

Vegan Friendly Fajitas

Vegan Friendly Fajitas are something that you can find at many Mexican restaurants around the county. It was just what you would expect in a veggie fajita. Lots of fresh veggies, rice, beans, and flour tortillas. So what makes this one special? Nothing really. In other words, it was really tasty, but it didn’t stand out. Still a rock solid choice for dinner in my opinion.

Vegan Friendly Enchiladas

The Vegan Friendly Enchiladas were outstanding. They had the same green sauce as mentioned before, which is a little hotter than Inga normally likes it, but it was just right for me. You also get beans and Mexican rice with your three enchiladas. If you find yourself unsure about what to order at Carlos’n Charlie’s, just ask your waiter/waitress. They are there to answer your questions. A map to Carlos’n Charlie’s is below. Take care, everyone.

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