Chris and Inga’s 5 Photos a Day | 3-12-21

Rueben Sandwich at Veggie Grill

Our recent visit to Portland was brief but we did manage to squeeze in a trip to Veggie Grill. This Rueben Sandwich that I had was pretty amazing. The sauce on the sandwich, and the toasted rye bread were outstanding.

Inga on the Roundabout

Inga having some fun spinning on the roundabout at Roger’s Park. The rainproof jacket that Inga was given from Citi is going to come in handy living in Oregon. Also the capturing of the word “HOPE” was totally unintentional, but worked out great for the photo.

Partial Color Sequoia Stump

This is the same stump that Inga was standing inside of in yesterday’s post. During a previous visit to Forest Grove for my Grandfather Pat’s funeral, this tree had just been cut down. Now as we visited Oregon again, this time after the passing of Pat’s son, and my father. The massive tree has been repurposed throughout the park.

Cat Sleeping With Her Foam Tube

Now that Inga and I are back in Idaho, the cat is back to sleeping comfortably with one of her favorite toys.

My Bag of Tricks

This is my bag of camera stuff that travels with me. Its a Lowepro Photo Classic BP 300 AW. It fits everything I need and then some. I’ll do a full review on the bag soon. Thumbs up so far though.

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