Chris and Inga’s 5 Photos a Day | 3-11-21

Cat Sleeping by the Window

This is a partial-color photo of the Cat Sleeping by the Window. I liked how it came out.

Inga Inside of a Tree

During our visit to Oregon we stopped at Roger’s Park. The park is in the city of Forest Grove, which is just west of Portland. Inga was excited to go walk in the tree tunnel.

Lemon picking in Oregon

This Lemon Love area of Roger’s Park caught our eye. Oregon isn’t known for it’s Lemons, but that’s fine.

Selfie Time

Taking a selfie with the truck behind me. We finally had the camper-shell installed yesterday. I’ll put a full shot of the truck below.

Truck With New Camper-Shell

They were able to match the color of the paint really well. We both love how it turned out. The inside of the shell looks amazing as well. Inga and I will be loading this truck up and heading for Oregon within a couple of weeks.

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