Chris and Inga’s Daily Photos | 3-2-21

Alvin the Chipmunk

I wanted to upgrade our daily photo blog, so I took away the plain html buttons that change the filters. I replaced them with clickable thumbnails of the image with the filter already applied. Hopefully everyone enjoys this format more. Comment at the bottom of the page if you do!

Downtown Boise

We took a walk downtown to grab some refreshments from our favorite nearby bodega. On the walk we noticed this cool mural on the side of this building.

Stella’s Ice Cream

We strolled by Stella’s Ice Cream shop while downtown this afternoon. They offer a good variety of Vegan friendly flavors. More than any other local ice cream shop that we have seen.

Attempt 1 | Hasselback Potatoes

This was my first attempt at making Hasselback Potatoes. I cooked these in the air fryer. They turned out amazing, and it was not nearly as much work as I had thought it would be. I will be posting a recipe soon.

Tacoma in the Foothills

Another photo of our new Tacoma to end the day’s post. This is, believe it or not, just a few short miles from home. It’s great to stunning views like this so close to home. We will certainly miss that about Boise.

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