Chris and Inga’s Daily 5 Photos | 3-13-21

Japanese Pan Noodles /w Tofu

Inga and I were out running errands and had a rare chance to stop at Noodles and Co. These are the Japanese Pan Noodles. We both like this dish better than their other Plant Based options. Inga hates mushrooms normally but she will eat the mushrooms in these noodles for some reason.

Active Osprey Nest

This is a active nest of Osprey outside of Boise, Id. They are very large and intelligent birds.

Roger’s Park | Partial Color

Another shot from the last week in Oregon. I wanted to only show certain shades of green in this photo. I don’t remember that guy in the background being there at the time so I think he is a ghost.

Semi-Agro Cat

This is the face that the cat makes when Inga plays her rom-com tv shows. To say that she is less than thrilled would be putting it mildly.

Tieton | Golden Russet Apple Cider

I grabbed a few of these hard ciders from Tieton Cider Works at the Grocery Outlet for $1.99 each. Not super sweet. I really liked it. Great price as well.

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