Chris and Inga’s Weekly Food Finds | 2-24-21

Late July Snacks | Bacon Habanero Tortilla Chips

———– Front ———–

Surprisingly we picked these Late July Bacon Habanero Tortilla Chips up at a local bodega not too far up the street from our home. Don’t fear the heat. They have some heat to them but I wouldn’t say these chips were hot. I thought they tasted really good though, and Inga enjoyed them as well. They are worth trying.

Chao Vegan Creamery | Creamy Mac ‘n Chao

———– Front ———–

Inga and I both really liked this Mac ‘n Chao. We found it in the freezer section on sale for $5.00. Normally it’s a few dollars higher so we grabbed it. Not quite as good as the Amy’s Vegan frozen Mac and Cheeze, but still really solid.

Simple Truth | Plant Based Mayo Spread

———– Front ———–

This Simple Truth Plant Based Mayo was a nice pick up our local Fred Meyer’s store. As seen in the Prestige photo it works great for making Inga’s french fry sauce.

Beanfield’s Vegan Cracklins | Spicy Nacho

———– Front ———–

If you are in Boise, you can find these Beanfield’s Spicy Nacho Vegan Cracklins at Whole Foods. Possibly at the Co-op as well. We caught them on sale for $2.50 a package. Although the spicy nacho flavor was great I prefer the chile-lime cracklins myself. Both flavors had a ton of seasoning on them so bring something to wipe off your fingers afterwards.

Endangered Species | Oat Milk + Dark Chocolate

———– Front ———–

This was a new type of chocolate bar from Endangered Species. I thought it was pretty creamy for a dark chocolate. Inga normally does not like dark chocolate, but she enjoyed this bar. This company is committed to helping endangered animals as well which makes it easioer to buy their products and support them. Not all of their chocolates are Vegan, but they offer a good array of Vegan chocolate bars to choice from if you are looking.

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