5 Photos a Day | RIP Mitch James Edition

Welcome to New York Mitch James

My father, Mitch James passed away peacefully on Friday evening, 2-19-21 at 7:28 PM. Normally I do 5 photos a day, but in honor of my fallen father I will gladly up that to 10 today. This was him at The Empire State Building in New York City.

Mitch’s Last Visit to Idaho

We were lucky enough to have Mitch and his wife Sandee drive out from Forest Grove, Or to visit us in Boise, Id. That’s about an 8 hour drive. Inga and Se’ara are here eating a plant based breakfast as well.

Mitch and Sandee Look at the Eclipse

Here we see Mitch and Sandee Look at a recent Eclipse event. These two were always out chasing adventure.

Mitch and Sandee Take a Cruise

My Mom couldn’t recall what port this was in, but this was during a cruise that they recently went on in the Caribbean. All of the pictures in today’s post are post-cancer. Once I get my hands on some digital versions of pre-cancer photos I will definitely post them.

Mitch and Sandee James | November 2020

Another photo from Mitch’s last visit to Idaho. Here they are at my and Inga’s apartment in downtown Boise.

Mitch in St. Thomas

This is Mitch in St. Thomas. He looks excited to go on the zipline. A brave son of a gun all the way up the end.

Mitch’s Boyd Cole Award

This is Mitch’s Boyd Cole Award in 2017. What a great honor. He was well respected in Firehouses all across the country. He certainly had the respect of the Chief’s as the nomination for the award itself came from the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC).

Mitch Always Loved Puppies

He might try to trick you with his tough exterior, but Mitch was definitely a softy when it came to puppy dogs.

Mitch James | Space Cadet

This was during Mitch and Sandee’s visit to Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Mitch at Cleo’s Ferry in Melba, Id

This was a visit from a couple of years ago when Inga and I took Mitch and Sandee out to Cleo’s Ferry in Melba, Id. This is one of our favorite places to go walk around. Mitch had a a great time as well.

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