5 Photos a Day | Feb 19th 2021

Partial Color Toyota Tacoma

Having some fun in the new truck out in the Boise Foothills. I figured a partial color shot against the snowy background would be a good way to show it off.

Snow Covered Boise Foothills

Although it’s melting off, there is still quite a bit of snow blanketing the foothills above Boise.

Taking the Truck up Bogus Basin Rd

We took the new truck out for a spin up Bogus Basin Rd. Inga wanted to see if there was enough snow in the lower hills to do some snowshoeing, but the lower hiking trails didn’t have enough snow. It’s beginning to melt off.

Cat Takes Over Grocery Bag

The Cat really enjoys sleeping on this Trader Joe’s bag. The strap allows her to block out our annoying light bulbs while she snoozes.

Inga Wearing Vegan Apron

Inga trying out the new apron that we found on amazon. She doesn’t want any confusion about what kind of food she cooks in that kitchen.

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