Top 5 Weekly Food Finds | 2-1-21

Kracklin Kamut Churro Flavor

These Kracklin Kamut were a gift to us from Inga’s daughter. The Churro flavoring itself was really good. Pretty tasty snack if you don’t chewing on hard and crunchy stuff.

Valsoia Dairy Free Gelato

We were pretty excited to find this Valsoia Dairy Free Gelato for only $1.49. This was yet another Grocery Outlet find. It tasted as good as you might imagine.

Amy’s Organic Tortilla Soup

Inga normally buys Amy’s soups when they are on sale. We found this new Tortilla Soup flavor at Fred Meyer’s just the other day. We are really looking forward to trying this. It is pretty rare to find a Vegan or Plant Based tortilla soup.

No Evil Foods Pitboss BBQ Pulled “Pork”

This made an appearance here on the website earlier this week. Click Here to check out that post. Makes a great sandwich!

Kraut Krisps Chili Lime Cabbage Chips

You must be brave to try these Kraut Krisps Chili Lime Cabbage Chips. Even the smell of these chips out of the bag can bring a weak stomached man or woman to their knees. If you are like me however, and you like sour kraut then you very well may enjoy these.

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