Chris and Inga go to Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

Zombie Burger and Drink Lab – Undead Themed Burger Joint Offers #Vegan Burgers and More – Des Moines

This was our first time visiting Zombie Burger and Drink Lab in Des Moines, IA. Zombie Burger is an undead themed burger joint that offers Vegan burgers and more. If you like zombie movies and good food, this place is for you. The two burgers that are Vegan on the menu are called the Undead Glenn and the The Negan. You can also build your own Vegan burger if you choose. Either way you go about it, you won’t be disappointed.

Aside from the burgers, the fries were amazing, and they make their own Vegan Zombie Sauce (fry sauce) which packs quite a bite of it’s own. I didn’t see any Dairy-free shake options on the menu, but hopefully with time and help from customer demand, that can change. Below is a link to their website. Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

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