5 Photos a Day | Feb 13th 2021

Trekking in the Snow Downtown

Inga and I headed out of the apartment to see what all of this snow is all about. A good 6-8 inches of snow has fallen over the last 24 day or so. Makes for a challenging and more interesting walk.

Snowy Downtown Boise

Another shot of the snow covered sidewalks downtown. The snow was 6-8 inches in some spots but we pushed through it no problem. Luckily it wasn’t windy on our journey downtown.

Snowstorm 2021 Downtown Boise

On Idaho street downtown heading towards the store. We opted to go for a long walk in the snow versus driving the new truck. It was a good chance for us both to test out just how snow and water proof our hiking boots are.

Vegan Pie From Mod Pizza in Boise

Here is my pizza from Mod Pizza in Boise. For my toppings I chose artichokes, olives, broccoli, roasted garlic, mushrooms, and Vegan cheeze. The Regular crust there at Mod is Vegan and so is the red sauce.

Inga in the Snow

I made Inga stand under this snow covered tree so I could snap a picture. This was pretty close to our apartment on the way home.

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