Chris and Inga’s Daily 5 Photos | 3-16-21

Spider on Light String

This photo was from last year when we were camping up past McCall. This odd-looking little spider sat on our led light string and watched us for quite some time.

Partial Color Cat Pose

This is the pose that the cat will do right in your way when you are trying to get into the fridge. It’s an attempt to get you to share your food with her.

Wild Mushroom

A small wild mushroom growing on the ground. If you know what kind of mushroom this is, post it in the comments, down at the bottom of the page.

Nameless Waterfall in Idaho

This was a random waterfall that we spotted up in the mountains of Idaho. It was a good distance away from us, and across a river as well.

Boiling Springs | Idaho

This photo was taken at Boiling Springs hot spring in Idaho. It’s a short hike to get to it, but if you are staying in one of the cabins on the left, you have dirt road access.

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