Lehi Mills | Plant-Based Brownie Mix Review

Vegan, but not gluten-free

We picked up this box of Lehi Mills plant-based brownie mix in Boise at the Grocery Outlet. With Vegan friendly brownies being a rarity in stores most days, we decided to pack it up and bring the box with us to Oregon. We finally had a chance to bake them and try them out. Keep scrolling to see how it went.

Directions and Mixing

I substituted vanilla oat milk for the water in the recipe, and I used a glass pie pan, but other than that, I kept it the same as the box says, including bake time, and temperature. After I mixed in the wet ingredients, the batter was pretty thick, almost doughy. This is dairy-free, but if you are looking for a gluten-free brownie, this is not it.

Bake for 25 to 26 Minutes

I ended up baking these at 350 for 27 minutes. I think that if I had taken them out at 25 or 26 minutes, they would have been perfect, but although they were just ever so slightly overdone, the brownies were very good. If you come across Lehi Mills Vegan products in the store, I would recommend trying them. I will link the Lehi Mills website again if you want to see all of their offerings. Thank you for reading, and take care.

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