Steam Donkey Trail | Seaside, Oregon

About the Trail

Steam Donkey Trail is located off highway 26. Access to the trailhead is in the parking lot of the Sunset Rest Stop. Completing Springboard Loop is an easy 1-mile hike.

Moderately Trafficked Trail

Steam Donkey Trail was surprisingly quiet when we hiked it. Towards the start of the trail, there were a few people, but after that we didn’t see anyone else until the loop ended back at the parking lot.

Views on the Trail

The views on the trail were mostly mossy rainforest landscape. At the start and end of the loop, you cross South Fork Rock Creek.

Thoughts on Steam Donkey Trail

This hike is perfect for someone who is driving to the coast and needs to get out and stretch halfway. If you can’t do the full 1-mile loop, you can do the shorter loop instead. Overall, we enjoyed the trail. We may do it again on our next drive to the beach.

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