Chris and Inga’s Daily Photos | 4-25-21

Lunch in the Rainforest

With some good weather upon us in Oregon, we wanted to take advantage, so we headed west to the Tillamook State Forest to explore, and have lunch. Inga found us a great spot to back-in the truck, right near a small waterfall.

Inga Getting Lunch Ready

We were several miles deep into dense rainforest when we came up to this spot. We had been driving around on what appeared to be logging roads, and up past Stagecoach Horse Camp. One of the log-cutting machines had broken down in the road, so we had to narrowly squeeze the Tacoma past the machine, and the technician working on it. We made it through, luckily, and Inga had packed us some stuff to make sandwiches, crackers, and some drinks.

Western Trillium Flower

There were lots of wild flowers in the area, and bees to go with them. Inga knew that this flower was indeed a Western Trillium flower. I used Google Lens to confirm it.

Partial Color Tacoma

I always play around with the partial color filters on my Olympus. Sometimes they turn out really good. The camera also shoots amazing video as well.

Inga at the Shooting Range

On the way back down the mountain, we stopped at the shooting range. Surprisingly nobody was around. Except for Slam-Man down there.

Meanwhile Back at Home…

Meanwhile, back at home, the cat enjoying the peace and quiet.

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