Top 5 Weekly Food Finds | 1/20/21

Number 1: Victoria Vegan Alfredo Sauce

This was found in Portland a year ago or so. This product is now available locally to us here in Boise. At the time that we purchased this from the Vegan Mall it was one of the few Vegan Alfredo sauces we could find. We finally tried it the other night. Very simple ingredients in this product which is nice. Price is around $5.99 for a jar of this.

Number 2: Vegetable Patties (Turnovers)

Golden Crust brand Plant Based Vegetable Patties. This was yet another Grocery Outlet find for us. We received two turnovers for $1.99. Good price considering that it is fast and easy to make. Pretty basic as far as taste goes. Reminded me of a vegetable pot pie.

Number 3: Red’s Chickpea Paella

We grabbed this Red’s Chickpea Paella out of the freezer section from the Grocery Outlet. It was $1.99. Neither of us are fans of Paella in particular but we figured it would be worth a shot. You don’t see Paella on the menu as a Vegan very often if ever after all We will keep you all posted on how it tastes soon!

Number 4: Krave Plant Based Jerky

We found this Krave Plant Based Jerky at Rite-Aid. We paid $5.99 for the package which is higher than I would like it to be. It was too dry and tough for me to pay that much for it again. Inga really liked it though.

Number 5: Forager Project Super Greens

We spotted this odd looking bag of chips at the Grocery Outlet for only $.99. I figured even if they ended up being terrible I wouldn’t be out that much. I have not tried them yet. Maybe something I should film a video on to post here later.

Visit their website here

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